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Aquila Axis - 3d Home Design

Established in 2005, Aquila Axis is a design studio that specializes in 3d Building visualisation for design & planning processes, development presentation and marketing strategies.

We are a team of architects, designers and 3D artists that work closely with our clients in producing high quality graphic solutions for the 3d Building, property and marketing industry.we specilize in designing both modern and traditional architecture for or clients.

Our services included 3d Building Design, House Design, 3D Rendering, 3D Animation and 3d Building Visualisation. Contact us today!


Recent years animation has become the world standard in presenting Building Design, property development and launching of products or company. The integration of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) with real life footage, video clips, and animations help engage the viewer emotionally.

Our service is not just a fly-through experience but a cinematic approach with storyboard, directing and editing, camerawork with the use of lighting and music to create excellent visual representation of space, textures, colours and ambience.